Our Vision


We specialize in the business of soccer and do not reach beyond our areas of expertise.  Our experience and commitment to specific aspects of the game are what separate us from other services.           

Training with a ball is only a part of the equation.  For those looking to make the game a permanent part of life, development of the mind from an early age is the critical difference.  We are all students of the game and don't adhere to one specific game philosophy: our vision is global!

Jonas Worth

Years of experience: 12

Expertise: sports psychology, contracts, coaching

Our Staff


Founder Jonas Worth has a master's specializing in sports psychology, UEFA/NSCAA certifications and over 12 years professional/collegiate coaching experience.  He has worked with soccer and other team sports on psychological skills since 2010.                        

Our Strength


We believe in consistent communication in order to develop relationships.  There are no dumb questions and soccer has no off days.  We are in the business of support.                         


We adhere to a strict ethical code and this creates a tremendous trust with our clients.  Professionalism should not be reserved for corporations or the law: the business of soccer requires the ultimate professional dedication.