Mental training: sports psychology skills by people who have played and coached in the game at the highest level.  Soccer psychology taught by soccer people.  Sessions are available in one-day sessions or longer terms, for teams and individuals.  We will customize a plan for your specific needs.  

College recruiting: we have a network of college coaches and schools throughout North America.  We know that there is no magic scenario where a coach finds you playing in a park.  If you want to earn a proper scholarship, there is a multiple step process and our network will help you achieve your end goal: an education and the scholarship that gets you there.  

Legal representation: we have a formal education in contracts and more importantly, the soccer network to link you with the right club.  Whether you are just looking to play after college or go to the greatest level, we can help you negotiate the next step.  

Team or individual training: our coaches can be hired for individual sessions or multiple week clinics.  We are licensed in several countries and speak several languages.  Learn the game from our global experts.  

Our Services